Why we’re supporting Action for Conservation’s Penpont Project

Empowering the next generation

Action for Conservation is dedicated to empowering young people to become environmental leaders. With 83% of young people eager to contribute to environmental conservation but lacking opportunity to do so, we recognise the importance of initiatives like the Penpont Project in bridging this gap.


Restoring nature, inspiring change

The Penpont Project is not just about restoring habitats; it’s about instilling a sense of connection and responsibility towards nature. By involving young people in practical conservation efforts, the Penpont Project is nurturing a generation to create deeper connections to the environment.

Creating sustainable solutions

The Penpont Project’s Land Library and Forest Camp are innovative approaches to reconnecting young people with nature. Providing spaces for learning, exploration, and creativity, these initiatives are essential for combating nature deficit disorder and fostering a deeper appreciation for the natural world.


Supporting regenerative farming

The Penpont Project isn’t just about nature restoration; it’s about supporting land custodians to implement regenerative farming practices and habitat restoration, Action for Conservation is contributing to a healthier, more sustainable landscape for both wildlife and communities.

Addressing urgent environmental challenges

With the decline of nature at an alarming rate, initiatives like the Penpont Project are crucial for reversing this trend. By planting trees, implementing nature-friendly farming practices, and engaging local communities, they are taking proactive steps towards a more resilient future.

Our commitment

At Evolt Charging, we understand the importance of corporate responsibility. By supporting Action for Conservation’s Penpont Project, we’re not only investing in nature restoration but also in the future stewards of our planet. Together, we can make a difference.

Donate today and every donation will be matched!* That means your donation will have twice the impact. *up to £250

To learn more about the Penpont Project and how you can get involved head over to their website by clicking the button below. 


Image Credit: Action for Conservation


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