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Customer service matters

As electric vehicles become a bigger part of everyday life, having reliable charging solutions is key.
Our UK-based customer service team is here to make sure everything runs smoothly for EV drivers, charge point owners and operators.
By putting our customers first and delivering quick and friendly support we’re not just building loyalty, we’re also helping more people embrace electric vehicles.

So, whether you’re charging up or running a charging network, count on us for best-in-class service every step of the way.


Don’t just take our word for it..

Year after year, we have secured industry awards for outstanding customer service performance, including Zapmap’s ‘Best customer service for a public network’.

With millions of EV charging sessions under our belt, we have proven our ability to support drivers effectively and resolve issues with precision and speed.

Network team capabilities

Our UK based team of experts apply their detailed and proactive approach to everything, from:

  • Managing payments from drivers for EV charging sessions, to invoicing
  • Maintaining network statistics, to ensuring uptime with precision and efficiency.

Their aim, maintaining a network that is robust, reliable, and user-friendly for both drivers and charging point owners. Committed to delivering excellence at every step of the way.

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