‘Taking Charge’ Evolt Charging’s first annual event

Partnerships and collaboration were the theme of the day at our first annual event, ‘Taking Charge,’ held on the 25th June 2024 at the prestigious British Motor Museum

Why ‘Taking Charge’?

Our goal for the day was to create an event that offered informative and entertaining content for our guests. We covered key topics related to EV charging, from installation to customer service, and included collaborative panel sessions to engage with our audience and address specific queries.

We think it’s fair to say we delivered. A massive thank you to our sponsors, Formula Space, our partners Circontrol and
i-charging, our guests, and our wonderful guest speakers. We couldn’t have done it without you.


Our highlights of the day

EV Champion John Curtis of The EV Café hosted the day, providing his unique blend of entertainment and insightful commentary. Thank you, John.

Our guest speakers included (in no particular order, as they were all amazing):

  • Chris and Julie Ramsey of Plug In Adventures: Who shared their amazing footage and stories about their latest adventure, “Pole to Pole: The Ultimate Electric Vehicle Expedition.” Their achievements in pushing the boundaries of EV and exploration, their vision and ambition were truly inspiring. We eagerly await their next adventures.
  • Josep García Fàbrega, Product Manager at Circutor: Josep offered unparalleled insights on Harmonic Distortion, and provided an animated and in-depth exploration of the subject – we will share more about this soon.
  • Melanie Shufflebotham, Co-founder, and COO of Zapmap: Provided valuable commentary, insights and statistics on key takeaways regarding EV chargers and national customer needs.

Powered panel sessions

We held two ‘hot topic’ panel sessions:

  • Grid/Power considerations for EV projects
  • Monetising EV charging infrastructure.

These sessions sparked many varied and interesting questions, with lively and thoughtful responses from our expert panelists: Craig Halloran (Cleaner EV), Jonathan Mann (Connected Energy), and Michael Kent (GridBeyond).

We also received support from our knowledgeable in-house team members including Richard Frost (Technical Sales Manager) , Stephen Trayner (Customer Services Director) , Dani Cort (Marketing Director), and Scott Johnstone (Implementation and Service Director).


And at the end of the day

Anne Buckingham, Managing Director of Evolt Charging, summed up the day: “Our EV charging industry is built on team strength. Whether it is pooling our in-house team knowledge or working alongside our partners. Building for the customer with longevity in mind, requires collaboration and education. Today’s event is a working example of this shared experience to build on and continue to prepare for the future developments in EV.”

Anne Buckingham

Managing Director of Evolt Charging

Special thanks also to Justin Meyer, Managing Director of SWARCO Smart Charging, for starting off the day with insight into his journey with SWARCO Smart Charging, a pioneer of the EV sector and his legacy for Evolt Charging.

To register an interest to attend or present at our event next year please contact us at: [email protected]

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